• Release Date: 2014.

  • Standard Screen; Soundtrack English 


  • MPAA Rating: R


  • Director: Simuel  Rankins 

  • Writers: Simuel  Rankins


  • Actors: Mary Jane Mahan, Pamela Green, Anthony Davis, L. Warren Young, Cecili Simmons, cameo appearance by Ray Lavender


  • Storyline: A glimpse into the life of one woman and what can happen when you are pushed to your limits. Kelly Cage, is ready to tell her story, Detective Jackson is ready to hear it. The "Angry Kelly", story is told by a concerned coworker and follows Detective Jackson as she works hard to discover the reason a suspect would commit a vicious murder suicide and what she discovers through Kelly’s blog will change her life forever.


  • Official Site: simboya.com 

  • Country: USA 

  • Language: English 

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